Why do people love Ultimate Aims performance appraisals?


  • Flexibility, we can customise it to meet your specific organisation's exact requirements
  • Reduce staff turnover and keep high performing staff
  • Easy to use, fast simple and customisable performance appraisals
  • Available anytime, anywhere you are online
  • Free and fast email support
  • No backup systems required, information is automatically backed up
  • No installation or IT maintenance required.  Ultimate Aims is built on the latest microsoft ASP.NET platform (24/7/365 access and 99.9% uptime) 
  • Reports give clear view of status of the organisation and can be accessed in real time.
  • You can quickly obtain any performance appraisal years later to assist with writing an employee reference
  • Pay as you go - no long term contracts
  • Fully scalable, there is no limit as to the number of staff an organisation may have on the system.

To find out more information email us at info@ultimateaims.com                             "