See why many organisation's around the world are now doing their performance appraisals online



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The Ultimate Aims performance management sytem is an interactive online tool that makes organizing staff appraisals a breeze.  The automated system ensures that appraisals are held at regular intervals and that objectives from arising from appraisal meetings are completed in a timely manner. 

All staff can log on and see current and previous appraisal documents, any appraisals they are involved in and any outstanding objectives.  During the year, the staff member can record performance notes to ensure that certain aspects of their performance is bought to the notice of their manager, i.e. record of training attended & mentoring of staff members.

How it works


Ultimate Aims is personalised to your company. Staff details, job descriptions and performance objectives/measurables are entered into the system. You nominate an appraisal manager, appraisal type and date for each team member. From here the system takes over and automatically emails individual staff members and appraisal managers to remind them of an upcoming appraisal.


You have the option of a manager only or 360 degree appraisal.  For a 360° Appraisal, the staff member can nominate people to provide feedback on their peformance. These might include co-workers, customers, managers, suppliers or anyone else who interacts with the staff member in his/her role.  These selections can be added to or declined by the appraisal manager.

are automatically emailed to all those involved in the appraisal process. Once completed they are emailed back to Ultimate Aims and the results are collated into a final 'appraisal document'.

The appraisal meeting is held using the appraisal document as a base for discussion.

Set Goals

With a clear idea of what's going well and areas for improvement, performance goals can be discussed and set.  Measurable objectives and timeframes for their completion are entered into the system.  The next apraisal date is scheduled.


With our objective management system keeping track of progress is simple. Both staff and management can track progress towards objectives online. Reminders are sent to ensure staff remember and complete their objectives on time.

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